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13 Most Used Charity WordPress Themes

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13 Most Used Charity WordPress Themes
Currently, during a pandemic that is still sweeping the whole world. Various business sectors experienced a business slowdown. Some several companies and factories have closed because they cannot operate and run their business properly. Production expenses, costs, and routine expenses are not proportional to the income or profit earned. Some of the transportation routes for export-import as a distribution route for products can no longer operate properly.

There are many companies still operating but are taking other steps by reducing the number of employees very large so that the company can continue to operate.

Therefore, some residents and communities have difficulty meeting their household needs. Some of them rely on savings to be able to meet their routine expenses. For this reason, several charity organizations exist and voluntarily assist residents affected by the pandemic. Through organizations with their donations collected through donations from people who are well off in their respective countries.

This is because the number of people who are affected by the economy is very large, especially in countries with dense populations. New charity organizations began to appear in these countries. Community organizations have just started to take the initiative to raise funds so that they can provide compensation to all people who need fast funding so that they can meet their daily needs. Because of that, some of these new organizations need a website that can campaign their intentions. The aim is none other than so that through this website the well-off established community can see and help fund some of the communities affected by the pandemic. Besides, some pets usually get adequate food rations. Now day by day it starts to decrease. This is because the owners are experiencing economic difficulties to meet their food and health needs.

Fundraising will require a means and a website to disseminate good intentions. Some of the features that must be available on a charity website are different from the features found on ordinary websites in general. Here I will recommend some highly qualified templates to be used as a fundraising website.

1. Characteristics of a fundraising website.

So many WordPress themes for fundraising. But you should not choose the wrong choice because the theme is not well maintained. Some of the themes are out of date. Not maintained by the developer. Therefore, read on and make sure you choose the right theme.

A fundraising website has special features that are important for you to know, such as The donation form along with the choice of the number of donations and the donation payment system. This is a distinctive feature of a fundraising website.

2. Fundraising website features.

- Donation Campaign feature.

With this feature, organizations and website managers are sure to be able to create donation campaigns by the goals and targets to be achieved for the fundraising.

- Features of time and target funds to be achieved.

This feature is very important and it is the feature that differentiates fundraising websites from other websites. Where the website owner can determine the deadline for fundraising and the target funds to be achieved following the objectives of the donation campaign.

- Crowdfunding system.

An automated funding system that allows donors to easily register and provide assistance via their bank account or credit card. Additionally, donors can view the history of the funds they have provided for one or more donation campaigns. There are also several crowdfunding systems, where donors can also determine fixed donations if needed so that donations can be allocated automatically and regularly according to the date and schedule determined by the donor.


3. WordPress theme for fundraising.

3.1. RightCause - Charity and Donation Theme.

It's time to fight for the right cause! This is RightCause, a modern charity and donation theme created for various fundraising sites. Packed full of elements perfect for fundraising, as well as a set of flexible homepage layouts for charities and donations and full Elementor Page Builder compatibility, the theme has it all. Fundraising done right, get RightCause and build your own website that's amazing !.

3.2. Goodwish - Charity & Nonprofit Theme.

Goodwish is a modern and carefully designed theme aimed specifically at all charity and non-profit organizations, as well as fundraising campaigns. It is also fully compatible with the Give plugin for easy donations directly on your site; that's what every charity or fundraising site needs. Along with this, you get a set of the fully customizable homepage as well as event layouts geared specifically for charities, Non-Governmental Organizations, non-profits, and fundraising. Create a compelling website in almost no time and make your voice heard!

3.3. Born To Give - Charity Crowdfunding Responsive WordPress Theme.

"Born to Give" is a fully functional WordPress Theme designed & developed for Crowdfunding, Charity, or Non-Profit Websites and useful for Corporate Business Websites as well.

This is a fully responsive template based on Twitter's Bootstrap framework which makes it available for all screen sizes from larger to smartphones. It is not only responsive whereas retina ready too, now there is no blurry image on your HiDPI device and retina.

3.4. Chariti - Charity & Donation WordPress.

Chariti appears with the most complete donation system in the theme market. It comes with a user registration feature that allows users to view donation history, change their profile, manage wish lists and view transaction receipts.

Admins can easily view and manage transactions right from the admin backend. Each transaction status can be marked as pending (eg for manual transfer), approved, rejected. In addition, admins can filter transactions by date range or individual projects. CSV file export is also available from the admin transaction page.

3.5. Fundrize | Responsive Donation & Charity WordPress Theme.

Fundrize is an Ultra Responsive and Retina Ready WordPress Theme which is suitable for all types of Donations, Charities, Fundraisers, Non-Profits, Campaigns, and all types of NGO websites. The theme is full of customization options and settings, you can change almost anything. With Fundrize you have a super-powerful platform to create your own charity events, campaigns, and projects. We've included many pre-made layouts and design patterns to make the theme very flexible and easy to use.

3.6. Hope | Non-Profit, Charity & Donations WordPress Theme + RTL.

This is a modern, colorful & well-designed Charity WordPress theme for non-profit organizations with RTL. This beautiful theme is the best choice for contemporary charity companies, NGO agencies, crowdfunding bureaus, free schools, donations, foundation firms, fundraising, free education, child care & child protection, environmental protection, ecological business, religion, or government social programs websites.

Hope includes all the necessary features that your nonprofit website may require. It runs with the powerful Give plugin for your fundraising, donation, foundation, or charity trust campaign.

3.7. Save Life | Non-Profit, Charity & Donations WordPress Theme.

Save Life is a modern, fresh & functional Charity WordPress Theme. It's perfect for non-profit organizations. The theme is the best choice for charities, NGOs, crowdfunding agencies, free schools. Also perfect for donations, foundations, fundraising bureaus, free education, child care & child protection, environmental protection, ecological blogs, religion, or government social program sites.

3.8. Charity Hub - Nonprofit / Fundraising WordPress.

Charity Hub is a clean responsive WordPress theme. It is specially designed for charities, NGOs, non-profit organizations, donations, churches, or fundraising sites. We created a custom 'cause' post type for easy management. We also have a donation feature in this theme (PayPal). The system will automatically collect the amount sent to PayPal and convert it into a percentage bar for each cause. The system will also automatically send proof of payment to the sender's email after the process is successful.

3.9. Sterling Charity Donation.

Sterling is a charity and donation WordPress theme that has quite complete features. Several payment systems for donors can also be arranged through offline and online donation options. There are 20 demo homepages ready to be used. Sterling is fully responsive and designed with high-end research in mind so of course, this is a theme for mobile-friendly websites and apps, every feature and element of the page will look amazing on tablet and phone screens. This includes page templates and layouts that are tailor-made to be the responsive visual environment on the market today.

3.10. Sinclair - Political Fundraising & Donations WordPress Theme.

Sinclair is a political donation and fundraising WordPress theme. It makes good use of Gutenberg's Customizer and editor to provide several customization options. It works really well for building websites for politicians, political parties, fundraising campaigns, or donations. It's also great for event planning, news/blogs, team presentations, and more!

3.11. Krowd - Crowdfunding & Charity WordPress Theme.

Krowd is a clean professional WordPress theme suitable for all types of crowdfunding, charities, non-profits, NGOs, donations, and all other businesses, non-profit charity websites, and NGOs.

Krowd is a ready-to-use WordPress theme developed exclusively to cater to your crowdfunding needs. This super powerful all-in-one WordPress theme has everything you need to build a high-quality crowdfunding site. Krowd offers excellent features and functionality to launch successful fundraising campaigns for different individuals, companies, agencies, and businesses.

3.12. BigHearts - Charity & Donation WordPress Theme.

Do you want to make this world better? Do you want to find people with the same desires? Our templates are made to help you find someone who wants to bring help or who wants to be saved. All this will help you with our BigHearts non-profit template and is bundled with the GiveWp Donation Plugin. Which is one of the most popular plugins among Charities.

BidHearts is perfectly designed for your work comfort. The charming, pre-designed layout will remain indifferent to anyone. You will be able to find what you need among our unique demos which are compatible with all your wishes. Rest assured, we are always ready to help your site get better.

3.13. Asting - Charity & Donation WordPress Theme.

Charity and donation WordPress theme - Asting allows nonprofits, charities, donations, and fundraisers on a budget to build a stunning and professional website to attract sponsors' attention as well as manage donations without much effort.

4. Conclusion.

With the different features of the charity and donation website, it means that the WordPress funding theme is different from personal websites, company profiles, and also e-commerce. A short process of giving funds with various third-party payment features is required on charity and donation websites. From the website owner's point of view, having a form to convey concise and concise information to donors is very important. This will make your charity and donation theme even more perfect.

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