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4 Multi-vendor eCommerce Website with WordPress

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Multi-vendor eCommerce Webiste with WordPress
The Multi-vendor eCommerce Website with WordPress is a B2B concept and is also the most popular B2C concept. It's like you have many products with various brands and they are on your one WordPress website. Wow .. looks cool and opens up as much business opportunity for you. Multi-vendor eCommerce websites are not a new concept. But this is a B2B (Business to Business) concept and also runs B2C (Business to Customer). Where the owner manages all vendor activities on your eCommerce website. Is this hard to do? The answer, of course, is not difficult. Broadly speaking, you only provide one website as a place to interact between multiple vendors and all customers. Another definition of a Multi-vendor eCommerce Website with WordPress is the owner of the WordPress website as a facilitator of every transaction between vendors and customers (buyers). When you understand this understanding, it's time to take the next step. You only need a multi-vendor eCommerce system platform. A platform that can control all these transactions. The platform for Multi-vendor eCommerce Websites with WordPress is widely available. But you have to choose exactly which WordPress theme suits your eCommerce needs. This is where I will present several Multi-vendor eCommerce Websites with WordPress. Where eCommerce has very good quality and you must have. Proven reliable and has been used throughout the world. It has premium features and is also very neat in a more user-friendly UI / UX.

1. Understanding Owner, Vendor & Customer.

Before you decide to become the owner of an eCommerce Multi-Vendor. It is better if you know in advance the understanding of the 3 parties that will be involved here.

- Owner is a multi-vendor e-commerce platform / application / website owner. They can individuals and owners have full control over the rules of the game in their e-commerce and the owner acts as a mediator/facilitator of eCommerce.

- Vendors are part of multi-vendor e-commerce. Can be individuals or product owners who market their products through multi-vendor e-commerce. Vendors who will be free interact and transact directly with customers. Vendors have limited access rights to feature settings that are set by the owner as multi-vendor eCommerce.

- Customers are part of multi-vendor e-commerce. It can be individuals or entities that need products and can buy directly from vendors. Customers play an important role in the sustainability of your e-commerce. They can provide positive or negative feedback on the transaction activities of the vendors.

2. Understanding Multi-Vendor eCommerce.

Multi-Vendor eCommerce is a B2B and B2C marketplace platform that provides freedom for multi-vendors to manage their trading activities on one eCommerce platform. You can present a Multivendor eCommerce with WordPress. As the parent of trading products owned by various vendors. All you have to do is invite the vendors to participate in trading through your eCommerce. If the profit-sharing offer is attractive to them. Many vendors may wish to trade through your Multi-Vendor eCommerce Website.

3. What are Multi-Vendor eCommerce features.

Features are the most important part to know if you want to have a Multivendor eCommerce website. It is also the feature that distinguishes an ordinary e-commerce website from a multi-vendor eCommerce website. Because several features will function to automatically manage the trading needs of multi-vendors with buyers to make it run smoothly.

The features that must exist for a multi-vendor eCommerce are:
- Special registration feature for vendors.
- Dashboard for vendors and customers.
- Order Management for vendors.
- Vendor Store.
- Vendor Withdraw.

The ones mentioned above are some of the basic features that any multi-vendor e-commerce should have. The rest of the features can be added according to the needs of the eCommerce website.

4. Multi-vendor eCommerce Premium Features.

The existence of premium features for multi-vendor eCommerce will certainly increase the performance of this eCommerce. Vendors and customers will mutually benefit from each other. Both from the vendor side for the ease of controlling their trade. As well as from the customer side who gets a sense of security and more benefits when shopping at your eCommerce. There is a calculation of commissions, discounts, reward points, and others. Certainly, it will benefit all parties, between eCommerce owners, vendors, and customers.

Let's see what the premium additional features are:

4.1. Showcase for vendors.

Each vendor gets an independent storefront that can be customized by itself. Including their unique URLs to send to their customers as well. This is like a standalone shop in eCommerce where there is a special page feature for vendors to display all their products.

4.2. Commission system.

A feature that can set commission rates globally, per vendor, or per product. Chosen from percentage, fixed cost, or a combination. There are also Rewards for vendors with tiered commissions based on total sales as well as product prices.

4.3. Goods delivery system.

Special delivery features for vendors where they can arrange their shipments. Flat rate or table rate shipping is also available. This is a very beneficial feature for vendors.

4.4. Discount management.

Almost the same as the commission feature, providing discount coupons allows eCommerce owners to set commission rates globally, per vendor, or product.

4.5. Rating System.

A vendor ranking system where there is valuable feedback that builds your e-commerce morning confidence. Customers value the vendor after purchase increases the value of their brand. Here vendors can add their social media to increase their visibility.

4.6. System Control.

You as the eCommerce owner have control over all vendor-owned dashboards. You can set which fields you want to be displayed and which are required. This can increase quality control over your e-commerce. So you can make sure all the products published have the necessary information.

5. Multi-vendor eCommerce Website with WordPress.

Let you choose which one is suitable and you want to use it to open your business opportunities. 


5.1. eMarket - Multi Vendor MarketPlace Elementor WordPress Theme (25+ Homepages & 3 Mobile Layouts).

With 25+ beautiful homepage designs, 03+ mobile layouts, multi-vendor marketplaces, and full e-commerce features, eMarket is sure to be a WordPress theme suitable for any multi-vendor marketplace or shopping store. Especially, with the new One Click Demo Import, it will be very easy for us to have a Multi-Vendor eMarket site in minutes.

5.2. iBid - Multi Vendor Auctions WooCommerce Theme.

iBid is a professional WordPress theme for all types of auction marketplaces. Now the theme comes with two different multi-vendor auction demos: Electron and Automotive Auction (Car Dealer).

5.3. REHub - Price Comparison, Multi Vendor Marketplace, Affiliate Marketing, Community Theme.

REHub - A hybrid WordPress template with a combination of all in one beneficial feature. REHub makes many unique Affiliate, Coupon, Directory, Social, SEO, Comparison, and multi Shop features. REHub is a modern multipurpose hybrid theme. The theme covers many modern Business models for profitable websites. Each section can be configured and used separately or you can combine them all in one site. REHub uses the most up-to-date trends and the best unique SEO tools to build advanced WordPress functions that you won't find in other themes.

5.4. Funita - Multi Vendor WooCommerce Furniture Theme.

Funita is a modern and multipurpose, fast, and flexible WordPress theme specially curated to create a multi-vendor WooCommerce shop, corporate website, and blog.

6. Conclucions.

After you know some multi-vendor e-commerce with WordPress. Now is the time for you to choose to develop your business talents. It only takes one WordPress theme that can do the entire multi-vendor e-commerce work process. It will not be difficult for you to set up a website because of the multi-vendor features. Everything is included in the four WordPress themes that I have chosen for you. Then you decide. Cheers!

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