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Domain hosting with the best service

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domain hosting with the best service
When getting a business idea, usually the next step is to buy a domain. If traced one by one, actually the number of domain hosting places can be in the thousands. They are spread all over the world with a variety of different services. But this can disappoint you because not all domain hosting has pleasant service and prioritizes customer satisfaction. Usually, the bigger the domain hosting service, the lower the quality of its service. This can be said to be normal. This is because they already have thousands of customers with thousands of domains. But here I am more interested in talking about an experienced and large domain hosting service. But still has good patience for its customers. In other words, a domain hosting that has the best service for both new and old customers. All right, let's look at it and read on so you don't lose when you want to own a domain.



1. Criteria for choosing a domain hosting.

If you are a person who always thinks far ahead. Surely you agree that we must be selective in choosing where to put the domain that we have. The quality of service from the domain provider is very important. Not only in terms of customer service which is fast and 24/7. But customer service can contribute to changing something we want. Just imagine if you are new to the internet world (newbie). When you ask over the chat something you don't know how to handle errors in your domain. Customer service hosting only provides a tutorial link that you must follow and learn yourself little by little to get out of your problem.

This is the worst criterion of a domain hosting service. Not to mention that their chat system requires waiting for an answer to one question with a time lag of 1-5 minutes then 5-15 minutes for each question. This is very verbose and you shouldn't be entrusting your domain with them. Another thing that makes wordy is, when you've asked and waited nearly 15 minutes the time passes. Then the customer service will easily transfer you to another customer service to answer just one of your questions. It's like you were repeating the past 15 minutes in increments of another 15 minutes later to get only one answer to one question. Your time will definitely be wasted. If your domain is in their grasp, that's a shame. This means that you are in the worst zone for a domain hosting service. So here be careful in choosing a domain hosting service so that you are not disappointed in the future.

Well, after knowing the explanation above about the worst service from a hosting. Let's look at the base criteria that you must hold as your guide in choosing a domain hosting.


1.1. They have a 24/7 Customer Service Chat.

This is the first thing you should keep in mind if you are new to domain purchases. The chat service allows you to ask questions freely for all your problems. But beware of domain hosting services even though they have 24/7 chat services. But the answers you can, can be wordy and do not solve your domain problem as I described above.

1.2. Can remove late fees when you are late to renew your domain.

If you have only one domain it is not difficult to remember when your domain will expire. But it is different if you have multiple domains. You are busy and forget to remember when it is due for your domain payment. Usually, the domain hosting service provider will add a certain amount for the late payment of the domain. This is usually called a "Late Charge".  Namely, the addition of funds outside the official cost of the domain renewal price. If there is a chat service, you can request removal of the "Late Charge" and you commit to paying the same day when you renew the domain's life. This is a good and cool service in my opinion. Providing the best solution for negligence in extending the life of the domain.

1.3. Free Domain Privacy Feature.

Yes, even though it's not something that is urgent, if there is a free domain privacy feature (Whois Guard) this will add to the quality of service. Whois Guard is a service to hide identity when purchasing a domain. Because when we buy a domain we are required to fill inaccurate data such as email and phone numbers. these can all be hidden with the Whois Guard facility. Its use is so that the identity of the domain owner is maintained, especially from spammers who will flood email from the domain owner.

1.4. Support all TLD domains.

Domain TLD stands for Top Level Domain. TLD is the ending part of the domain for example .com, .net, .org, .edu, .gov. The website address will be easy to remember and will be easier to recognize if you use a TLD domain. This is why the domain is an important aspect of a website. The TLD domain shows the identity of a domain or website. An example is like .com for a commercial website. Then .net shows a domain with internet features. The .org suffix domain for an organization. The .edu suffix for educational institutions and the .gov domain identify themselves as a government-owned domain. There are many other TLD domains. You can search for yourself through the list of TLD domain links here -> ICANN TLD List.


1.5. Has a Domain Marketplace Feature.

This one feature is the most preferred by dollar seekers. Where we can buy and sell domains through their domain marketplace. Even in some hosting services, they become a broker (liaison) between you as a domain seller and the buyer. This can happen if you intend to resell the domain that you have purchased. Of course, you have to sell it for a price higher than the price of the domain when you originally bought it. In other words, you can become a domain businessman by buying several domains and then reselling them.

Of the 5 criteria, the most important thing is that you don't get stuck with the cheap price of a domain. But you ignore the basic criteria that are quite important that I have listed above.

2. Who is Domain Hosting with the best service?


2.1. Epik.

As their slogan "The Swiss Bank of Domains". Epik is a full-service ICANN accredited domain name registrar and host. With operations in America, Europe, and Asia, they provide 24/7 access to a fast and secure domain name management platform. Please prove it when you pay for a domain, the domain immediately becomes yours.
Founded in 2009, Epik has earned an industry reputation for outstanding service and support. For many customers, Epik is a one-stop-shop for their entire web presence: domain names, hosting, monetization, and web development services. Epik is the live registrar for most registrars in the world. Their all-inclusive pricing approach provides a shopping experience that makes no sense when purchasing a domain registration and hosting service. Epik has a reputation for protecting registrars.
Known as the Swiss Domain Bank.
Epik offers all registrars access to advanced domain security. An integrated WHOIS privacy service is provided free of charge to registrants. Epik's domain marketplace enables cost-effective and secure buying, selling, and renting of domain names. Epik is the world's largest provider of domain name lease management, empowering more domain name leases than any other provider.
For the regular price, you will get a domain name for under $10 for a .com domain but if you are lucky and get a promo price, a domain name can be had for anywhere from $1,99 to $4,99 / year. This is a very competitive price when your domain sits on a very well known ICANN domain hosting registrar. In domain management, you can set up a privacy domain (Whois Guard) and it is given free to you if you activate this feature when making a purchase. How? interesting enough for your offer made by Epik. For those of you who want to get a promo price, you can choose the epic image banner below, for a link to attractive offers from today's Epik.

Check out discounted domains on Epik:

Take Control of Your Domain Names

Check out discounted hostings on Epik:

Take Control of Your Domain Names

2.2. 101Domain.

For those of you who want to try a blog or already have a blog and want to add to it. It would be better to try 101Domain service. As their slogan "From the biggest international companies to the smallest personal blogs, streamlining your online activities is what we do".
101Domain is an established world leader in domain management with over fifteen years of experience providing international domain name solutions to tens of thousands of clients. Their suite of services is designed to assist website owners of all sizes with domain management, trademark protection, DNS management, and other domain services.
The complete suite of domain lifecycle services.
For over 3,000 international domain name and domain name (IDN) extensions, including international domain registration, a dedicated "sunrise" service for the new top-level domain (TLD) launches renewal management, modification, and transfer.
From the recommendations I have given, please try their service which is quite good and we have prepared the link below.

Check out discounted domains on 101Domain

International Domain Registration

Check out discounted hostings on 101Domain:

International Domain Registration


3. Strengths and weaknesses.

For all the advantages of each of these domain hosting services, I have mentioned above. But it would be unfair to talk about their strengths without knowing their weaknesses. But here to be honest I have not found their significant shortcomings. Therefore, for those of you who have tried the services of each of these domain hosting and found shortcomings in their scope of service. I hope and please pour in the comments column so that all of us who read can find out more about something that we missed or your experience that we don't know.


4. Another advantage that we can get.

All their strengths we have discussed and found out together. Apart from the availability of a domain marketplace for us to sell, there are several more advantages if we choose their hosting service. In my opinion, there are two advantages that we can get again, are:
 4.1. Affiliate Program.
 4.2. Reseller Program.
For those of you affiliate program players, maybe this can be your recommendation to start a domain and hosting affiliate. Likewise with the reseller program that you can join to resell some of their products and features.


5. Conclusion.

It is not easy for us to find a domain hosting service because there are quite a lot of them at competitive prices. But after we try and it turns out that we experience deep disappointment with this hosting service can be very troublesome. Therefore, the recommendations I give about domain hosting services that are already large businesses with their best services will make you not find disappointment after trying them.
At this point, if there are criticisms and suggestions, you can pour them in the comments column and I will try to reply as soon as possible.

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