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9 Quality News & Magazine Blogger Templates.

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9 Quality News and Magazine Blogger Templates
A template that has a quality user interface will support the user experience of your website. From the start, it's best if you choose the template carefully when you want to have a website. This means if your website is there from the start and a good template structure is formed. In the future, you will no longer need a lot of time to make renovations. Because too many tweaks to improve User Experience will waste your own time later. We recommend that you use more of your time to fill in quality content according to the category of your website. Therefore, why choosing a template at the beginning when you want to build a website is important. For that, let's take a look at some of these high-quality blogger templates for news and magazines.

1. Characteristics of standard blogger templates for news and magazines.

A blogger template for news and magazines should be different in structure from a personal blog and e-commerce template.
The dominant characteristics of the template are.
1.1. Has a topbar above the header.
1.2. There is a slider after the header.
1.3. Rich in the category label on the front page.
1.4. There are category link menu tabs on the front page.
1.5. There is a place to put advertising space.
1.6. There are several columns in the body footer.

2. Pay close attention to the cover page.

You better pay attention. Standard features of the blogger template for magazines & news above. Because it is a basic feature that must exist from a blogger template. Otherwise, your website will look like a normal personal blog and in user experience not worthy of a news and magazine website. In addition, there is a newsletter facility, as well as a clear description of the email address and contact number as a supporting part on the home page. Menu Home, About, Sitemaps, Term, and privacy policy are menus that must be clearly visible on the home page. Do not forget about GDPR, you must include a description of the cookies you use on the home page. For the rest, you can add other things according to your website needs.

3. Carefully pay attention to the article post.

The post article page is definitely different from the home page. There is an article content that becomes a news page of the content you want to present. We recommend that you provide a sidebar to display other posts that are expected to attract your readers. You can insert recent posts, popular posts, random posts, etc. there. The sidebar is very important to display. You don't want your website visitors to read one article and then leave. This is where the importance of a sidebar on the article page lies. In addition, the sidebar can be filled with other things such as ads space, email contacts, etc. that support the purpose of your website is formed. Until here you will understand what I mean.

4. Some quality news and magazine blogger templates that you must have.

4.1. AeroMag - News & Magazine Responsive Blogger Template

AeroMag is a news and magazine blogger template. It comes with lots of features like responsive design, a clean and modern look. Side panels, custom contact form, Ajax Search, sitemaps, and lots of unique widgets which are hardly found in blogger templates. You can use it for your magazines, news, and blogs. It is fully compatible with mobile devices. The template is designed with a flexible layout, allowing users to easily manage widgets with drag and drop.

AeroMag is a responsive magazine style blogger template coded under best practices to ensure optimal performance. Not only on the desktop but also on mobile. Focuses on some of the core concepts of SEO and Blogger's native coding practices. Therefore, this template has high speed, slower response time, but still, the dynamic design looks good.

4.2. Magpress - Magazine Responsive Blogger Template.

Magpress is a modern, clean, responsive, and flat Blogger template that is best suited for magazines, news, blogs, and multipurpose blogs. The template is designed with a flexible approach allowing you to easily change skin color, font size, and other customization options easily from the official blogger template designer. Not only does MagPress excel in front-end usability and user experience, but the admin back-end is very easy to use. The admin panel allows you to easily manage your blog.

Detailed documentation is always a good resource to help you set up all the widgets and parameters in this theme. It comes with built-in support for SEO using rich snippets and HTML5, your site will rank better in search engines. Get Magpress today for an amazing blog!

4.3. Egnova - News & Magazine Responsive Blogger Template.

Egnova is a beautifully designed responsive magazine blogger template. It comes with lots of features like an Amazing admin panel, Clean layout, Side panel, Several newest widget styles, and many more. It can be used for news and magazine type blogs. It is fully customizable in blogger theme designers like background and colors etc.

The Egnova Blogger template/theme is packed with lots of unique features that are amazing for any magazine blog. The header section is realistically designed keeping in mind the latest magazine theme trends. In the header, there is a topbar containing a page menu, social icons, random buttons, and a pop-up search form. The best thing about this bar is that you can easily customize its background and color scheme from the dashboard. Below the top bar, there is a cool logo and the ad position is 728 × 90. On the left side, the logo can be displayed and on the right, the AdSense ad is ready to be monetized. The menu design was amazing. Simple, clean, and user-friendly navigation with drop-down links and mega menu. A mega menu can be activated by changing the label name in the menu.

Beautiful Genova news ticker with horizontal animated auto-posts. There is a featured image, label, and post title in the news ticker. Below the news ticker, there is a featured section. This section is liked by magazine blog users because; this is the best way to instantly showcase the featured and most interesting stories. This section contains four grids with a left featured carousel or featured slider and on the right side there are four columns of equal width and height with four different posts. This is the best way to show the most interesting and viral news in the right place.

Overall the design and features of the Genova Blogger theme are great. It can be changed to any layout like dark, red, or white as you wish by simply changing skin color. Recent posts contain different types of widget designs needed for any magazine blog. The post section is beautifully designed to keep in mind the need to share. There is a share button at the bottom of each post. The related post widgets of this theme are a wonderful way to engage readers on your blog.

4.4. Anartisis - News & Magazine Blogger Theme.

Anartisis is the perfect tool for publishers, magazines, newspapers, bloggers, and other news sites, for everyone who wants to work on Blogspot. Use Analysis for many topics, such as politics, fashion, games, video, music, business, and world news. This Blogger theme is based on the latest Bootstrap 4 framework and is fully responsive. The files set up for the Blogger Theme Designer tool will help you customize the look of your website. Try the Blogger Analysis Theme today and build your perfect magazine site.

4.5. Light - News & Personal Magazine Blogger Theme.

Light is a responsive blogger template with many features making it ideal for news, magazines, and personal blogs, this template is flexible and provides a powerful control panel which allows any user to create the perfect blog and run it smoothly and easily.

4.6. Glossy Mag - News & Magazine Blogger Theme.

Glossymag is a clean modern magazine theme for Blogger / Blogspot. This Magazine Blogger theme is suitable for all kinds of news sites, personal blogs, food bloggers, sports magazines. It is built with some of the best frames like Bootstrap, jQuery, etc ... This theme is the best choice even for personal or professional websites.

4.7. Mogtemplates - MogMagazine Template For Blogger V.2.2.

Modtemplates is a template for news, magazines, blogs… Cleanly designed, clean, easy to customize. When you buy it you will easily install it.

4.8. Mogtemplates - MogPress Template For Blogger - Multiple Styles.

MogPress is an interface template for bloggers. It's easy to set up and be guided by the video so you can finish it in the best possible way.

4.9. MagOne - Responsive News & Magazine Blogger Template.

MagOne is one of the best-selling responsive newspaper and magazine Blogger templates. Drag and drop to build a Blogger magazine website in seconds.

5. Conclusion. 

So far you have seen some templates for this quality news and magazines. So don't hesitate anymore. Because we've selected it for you. Various important criteria for a news and magazine template are included in each template. Next, it is your turn to determine which ones are flying, and according to the brand you have. Cheers !.

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